Origins and history of the Monpa’s.

The nDSC_5800ative people inhabiting Tawang District are known as the Monpa’s. ‘Monpa’ refers to a particularethnic group dwelling in the Dirang Administrative circle lying North of Bomdila, The Kalaktang Administrative Circle in the South Western part of West Kameng District and the entire Tawang District. The Monpa’s are of Mongoloid descent. The Monpa’s are Buddhist by religion. The traditional society of the Monpa’s is administered by a village council headed by the ‘Tsor-gan’ (Goan Bura). In the Monpa family, the man is the head of the household and he is the one who takes all the decisions. In his absence, his wife takes over all the responsibilities. The Monpa’s are by enlarge agriculturists. Apart from that they also tame Yak, Sheep and other livestock.