• Languages  : Hindi, English, Monpa, Bhoti.
  • Local Tribe : Monpa.
  • Distance from Closet  Airport  : Guwahati (543 Kms)
  • Nearest Major Railway Station : Guwahati (543 Kms)
  • Climate :Mostly cold climate throughout the year with rains from May to August.
  • Banks and ATMs : SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Central Bank and Canara Bank.
  • Mobile Service : BSNL,Vodafone & Airtel
  • Best Time to visit : All seasons, Except Rains (June – August)

TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE :  District Tourism Office,Old Market near Telephone exchange

 District Tourism Officer :  03794-222567 / 9402477544

 Tourist Information Officer : 9402713632/8258911769


Do’s :

  1. Check up status of Helicopter flight one day in advance from the contact person at Guwahati Airport.
  2. Ensure that local transportation is arranged, if traveling by Helicopter.
  3. Ensure that you book hotel accommodation in advance before arriving in Tawang especially in peak tourist season of September to October and March to May.
  4. Get adequate sunscreen, essential medicines while coming to Tawang.
  5. Carry medication for motion sickness if traveling by road.
  6. Ensure that your health is good during trekking and hiking in the Mountains.
  7. Carry waste bags in the car.

Dont’s :

  1. Do not litter in the Monasteries, Public places, villages, Lakes etc.
  2. Do not smoke in public places.
  3. Do not leave for Tawang without Warm Clothes.
  4. Do not wear Shoes while going inside the main Prayer hall of the Monasteries/Gompas and be respectful while visiting sacred sites.
  5. Do not take Photographs of Army installations / Prohibited areas without seeking approval of the Army Officers on site.
  6. Do not go to the Bumla pass without obtaining permit for Bumla that is issued by the DC’s office and countersigned by Army.
  7. Foreign tourist should not enter into prohibited / Restricted Areas. If there is any doubt, clarify from DC’s office or SP’s Office.
  8. People with medical condition/history should be cautious while going to Bumla due to it’s altitude, as breathlessness and blood pressure issues may occur for some.
  9. Do not the frozen lake.
  10. Do not run in the high altitude.

Important Offices –