Om in Bhoti Language

Om in Bhoti Language

The linguists place the Monpa language under the Bodic group of the Tibeto-Burman language.  Linguistically, Tawang district shows four marked divisions, viz., the Mago-Thingbu-Keth, the Pangchen-Keth, the Shyoepa-loh and the Tawang Mon-keth.  The Mago-Thingbu-Keth is the dialect spoken by the inhabitants of Mago, Thingbu and Luguthang villages.  Their dialect bears resemblance with that of the inhabitants of Lubrang, Dirme, Sumrang, Nyukmadung and Senge-Dzong villages of the West Kameng district.  Their dialect displays many elements of the Tibetan language.  Pangchenpa-keth is the dialect spoken by the people of Pangchen dhingduk (Zimithang). Their dialect is not easily understood by the other people of Tawang, through it has many Tawang Monpa words.  The third division is the Shyoepa-loh which is spoken by the people of Shyoe village.  It is similar to the Tibetan language.  The last division is the Tawang Mon-Keth.  It is the dialect spoken by the majority of the people of Tawang through variations in tone and phonetics is there from village to village.  It is, in fact, the lingua franca of the district.  Mon-keth is distinct from Tibetan although it has many Tibetan words.  The people of Mago, Thingbu, Zimithang and Shyoe villages can also understand and speak it fluently.

The Tibetan language, locally known as Bhoti is also making a resurgence in the district.Initially, only the Lamas & Nuns knew the Bhoti script & language, as the religious training was imparted through it. It was however realized that without knowledge of Bhoti, the local people were unable to grasp the essence of their culture and history, as all the earlier documents and records were in Bhoti.Thus, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has introduced it as the third language of instruction in the local schools, for classes I to VIII.

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