Arunachal Tourism & People of Arunachal Pradesh extends Heartiest Welcome to all the Tourists to Tawang Festival the ‘Festival of Dreams’. Let us all together celebrate Serenity at Tawang!!!

The 3rd edition of Tawang Festival will be celebrated in the month of May. Tawang Festival was introduced in 2012 as a tourism festival after celebration of Buddha Mahotsova since 2004. Apart from showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the state, the festival also promote adventure tourism, all together the festival is all about showcasing the vast tourism potential  of the region.

It’s the festival, were you will not only witness the rich culture of Monpas but also of all other tribes of the state Arunachal Pradesh.

  • 100 AJI-LHAMU Dancers will take on the streets of Tawang during Tawang Festival. You can’t miss it.”Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, Lets dance by the light of the moon”.
    Unearth the rich and wide variety of traditional and pantomime dances with religious and philosophical values to local folklores of the “Hidden paradise”
    The Legendary * AJI-LHAMU DANCE
    It depicts the local version of the Ramayana. Based on the epic life of dharma-Raja Chogyal Norsang, showcasing victory of good over evil.The five mythical characters in this dance are Gyeli & Nyapa, the chief protagonists, Nyaro, the antagonist and two female characters, Lhamu, the fairy & lhum. This dance also depicts the marriage ceremony of Lhamu with King Chhoegay Norzang, represented by Gyeli.
  • Concert by Giant in the World of Tibetan Music...PHURBU T NAMGYAL.
  • Performance by TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts), One of the oldest performing arts institute outside Tibet. Where each individual, whether student or teacher has a story to tell – a Story of Struggle, Pathos, Spirituality and Hope – Hope to keep TIBET Alive.
  • Experience The glories of a mountain campfire where one can make a day of any size, and regulate the rising and setting of his own sun and the brightness of its shining.
  • Do not forget to taste a sip of the local Hot Butter Tea in Tawang.
  • Catch the iconic bollywood actor ARJUN RAMPAL Live at the Tawang Festival.
  • Catch the Folk Pop-Legend WARKLUNG Live on 1st MAY.
  • Join the ‘Royal Enfield ride to Festival of Dreams’.Ride to the highest off road ride in the world with the best backup and experience Arunchal Bike Club members.
  • Screening of KICKING BOUNDARIES – A documentary film showcasing the first women’s soccer team of Tibet.Kicking Boundaries is the first feature length documentary to come out with its own International music album titled “We Are United”.


Aji Lmahu Performance

Aji-Lhamu Dance Performance

Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts

Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts

WARKLUNG - Live on 1st May

WARKLUNG – Live on 1st May